The World of MBM

It is happening, the creation of MBM'S world of living, a wide variety of furniture, each with its own customized style. Worldwide, an expanding employee complement of more than 2000 is focused on this goal. Originating in Germany, but now seen on all continents, our distinctive purple logo is increasingly recognized. Our relationship with our customer is personal, reliable and committed, and our business partner's hold us in high regard for our experience and creativity. We invite you to join the MBM lifestyle!





Always One Step Ahead

Together with our designers and constructing engineers we are working with great pleasure and passion in order to surprise our customers over and over again. In this way, we interprete known shapes always mew and create nicely shaped and at the same time individual objects.

Every day that enthusiasm infects us and people of different disciplines create a harmonical whole together is a good day for us.



Living wherever you want

From the beginning, our common passion is to create furniture for individualists. Therefore, it is not astonishing that, today, we are able to present unique and completely different product lines which are looking for their sort – from the romantic wrought iron ensemble to the puristic stainless steel lounge.

Since the foundation of the family business in 1954 we produce high-quality furniture. Together with specialists the resulting know-how is internationally applied, in order to create unique worlds and room concepts – overcoming the barrier between in – and outdoors. A new milestone in our Collection: Resysta. Using new and innovative materials helps us to achieve all this and cut our path. Thus, we are proud to inform you that we succeeded in completely discontinuing tropical wood from our product range.

In&Outdoor – that is design for your living area with no limits. Courage, passion and the corresponding materials help us to create your new world of living. With our furniture you feel the summer wherever you want to.